As a corporate employee, you are quite frequently expected to present strategies, projects and updates across the organization. Whether it’s a proposal to senior management, or a weekly team meeting, the ability to communicate clear and concise information with confidence is critical, and key to an advancing career.

The Professional Presenter Program is designed for corporate employees who want to present complex ideas and information confidently and clearly at various levels within their organization.

What makes The Professional Presenter unique is its ability to leverage on your existing strengths, resulting in a presentation style that is 100% you.

The Professional Presenter Program will enable you to:

Understand and apply effective interpersonal communications

Design and structure presentations

Deliver presentations using corporate body language

Predict and handle audience questions

Deliver high level and concise executive briefings
Once completed, you will gain:

A go-to template for structuring presentations

The confidence to speak on any topic, at any time and to any one

The tools to influence groups of people from the stage

The ability to present without notes

The flexibility to speak in any setting, from team meetings to exhibition stands to networking events.